WordPress 3 Support

July 20th, 2010

We’ve added support for wordpress 3.  The new menu system is supported.

The multiple embedded popup menus are not supported yet, but we will be adding them as soon as we add all the options for them to the Cool Template editor.

Other features like custom backgrounds for each post will also be added someday.

5 responses to “WordPress 3 Support”

  1. ناصر says:

    hi , and thanks for this useful tool ,
    if you add some features like “users be able to upload and use their own images in templates” , “more options like ltr or rtl , text align and other” , and “multi level top menu and tree menu option for cms’s” , and important for me , support mojoportal cms templating ,

    i will use this useful tool for my last project 😀

  2. nasser says:

    hi Bryan,
    I think cooltemplate can be first online/free/easy to use tool for create cms templates , most popular cms like joomla and wordpress are support by cooltempplate , if cooltemplate support mojoportal(i think best asp.net open source) many mojousers (like me) will use cooltemplate for theme designing ,


    and Bryan , are you planing to update cooltemplate in futures?

    • Yes. I will be updating Cool Template extensively in the future. I’m not able to right now since I have to focus on some improvements to my other site at http://cooltext.com.

      I’d love to have MojoPortal themes supported and I think we could get them working. I posted a reply to that forum thread.